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What is Maxflow

Maxflow (maxflow.app) is a workflow automation platform. Users can use Maxflow to build automated workflows for simple repetitive tasks or sophisticated processes where know-how and best practices need to be followed. It can be very helpful for workflows need to be tried many times to find out the desired outcome. The platform allows developers to upload and users to consume automation components.

Getting Started

If you are new to Maxflow, the best way is to watch some of these Youtube Videos.

Use cases

Web Automation
Automated Payment Workflow

The following workflow automates a payment process into just a few clicks. First, a "Web Browser" component goes to the website, login, click some links, get the total amount due. Then a "Check" is performed: if no payment is due, display a message ("Form" component) and finish the workflow; if there is a payment due, a "Form" is displayed to ask the user to confirm the payment. If confirmed, the workflow will run another "Web Browser" session, wherein payment information such as checking account etc. are entered several buttons are clicked until the payment is completed. Then a "Form" is followed to signify the job is done.

Excel Risk Analysis

This workflow runs a Monte Carlo simulation on an Excel spreadsheet and capture the probability distribution of the outputs. An Excel component is used that changes some input cells and get the values of some output cells of the Excel file. The Excel component is put in a Monte Carlo component loop. The result of the Monte Carlo simulation is feed into a histogram chart to show the probability distribution.

Risk Analysis Workflow
Result: Net Profit Probability